Maximum safety through casting technology for robotics and e-mobility – in the smallest of spaces

even under adverse weather conditions, manufacturers rely on REO components

More and more customers are recognising the advantages of electrically powered products and the use of intelligent robotics. The agricultural industry is a pioneer in this field. Electric machines such as tractors are already superior to diesel-powered vehicles in many areas. Emission-free and quiet driving, compatibility with conventional and electric implements, continuously variable transmission technologies, sufficient battery capacity for a day’s work and low-maintenance operation are just some of the advantages. In addition, completely newly developed autonomous robots are increasingly being used in the agricultural industry, for example to plant seedlings with the aid of swarm intelligence.

To ensure that this technology functions reliably and in the long term, even under adverse weather conditions, in mud, slush as well as sand and in sometimes very confined spaces, manufacturers rely on REO components that are protected by robust casting technology. In practice, these are in particular the REO components CNW M 833, a fully encapsulated three-phase Du/dt filter or the liquid-cooled three-phase mains choke MD 953.

REO offers various options for protecting the components, which include coating lacquer, a special protective coating or a complete housing. REO products thus achieve a high protection class and special resistance to dirt, moisture and other environmental influences. Together with the use of durable materials, a practice-oriented simulation of application situations and many years of experience in the construction of electrical components, REO is the first choice for many customers for inductive and resistive components.


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