E-mobility in practice: REO components in air conditioning compressors

Another practical example of REO components in a modern e-mobility solution is the use of du / dt filter chokes in front of air conditioning compressors in e-buses. The REO CNW M 833/16 filter choke reliably reduces voltage increases to acceptable values ​​and thus protects the electrical consumers such as the sensitive compressors of the e-buses. At the same time, it filters out EMC interference. The result is a longer service life and minimized heating.

The filter choke has been specially developed for harsh environmental conditions as well as continuous operation and, thanks to the REO encapsulation technology, offers a degree of protection of IP54.

The practical examples described show how the REO components have already proven themselves in a wide variety of areas of application and confirm the quality through reliable and long-lasting operation. It is therefore only logical for REO to extend the statutory warranty from one year to two years. An effective protection against system failure and unforeseen expenses; worry-free and at no additional cost for you as a customer. Security you can rely on.



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