Multiformer tests equipment performance on worldwide power supplies

REO (UK) Ltd has introduced the new Multiformer MF6, which allows engineers to test equipment performance across the different voltage levels and frequencies found in mains supplies around the world. The Multiformer is the first in a new generation of power supplies from REO and will ensure that products are able to function at the same performance level in countries with different main supplies from the UK. It not only makes performance testing less time consuming and more efficient but also results in safer products by ensuring correct operation at different voltages and frequencies.

The Multiformer is ideal for testing susceptibility to over and under voltage levels. It generates a variable frequency and voltage output from a standard 230V, 50 Hz supply and provides an infinitely variable, isolated voltage from 0 – 350V AC and a variable sinusoidal waveform with a frequency range of 30 – 100 Hz. The voltage is selected by rotating a potentiometer. A touch panel is used to adjust the frequency in 0.1 Hz steps and to set up other parameters such as a maximum voltage limit.

The Multiformer has a functional desktop design with a touch panel and LED display for the frequency setting. Set up is executed using a menu and selections are made using up/down cursors and an entry key. The effective voltage and current values are also displayed on 3 ½ digit panel meters. The unit can be controlled through a RS 232 interface.


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