REO AG draws positive balance of the first virtual in-house trade fair

Continuation planned for 2022

REO AG presented itself to the public for the first time with a new digital trade fair concept in 2021. Both at REO and among customers, the launch of the trade fair was followed with excitement. “With the new trade fair, despite the current Corona-related restrictions, we wanted to offer all interested parties the opportunity to get in touch with us and experience the latest developments from our company,” summarizes Ruben Altmeier, Head of Marketing at REO AG, and adds, “when hundreds of visitors were already at the trade fair stand at the same time in the first few minutes after activation, we were naturally very pleased.”
During the period of the trade fair, visitors from all over the world were able to visit the digital trade fair stand and get in touch with REO at their own pace and without restrictions, regardless of time and space. Virtual avatars of REO AG employees guided visitors through the product world and underlined the future orientation and the degree of innovation of the new technology.

The feedback from the visitors was positive throughout so that a continuation in 2022 is as good as certain. Altmeier says: “We think that a hybrid solution of flagship trade shows and digital in-house trade shows represents the future. That’s why we are already working on the further development of our virtual trade show.”

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