REO silicone coating in railroad technology

A great advantage regarding the flexibility of the web constructions

From the icy regions of Russia to the hot desert landscapes of Africa, our rail components are in daily use in the most adverse weather conditions. Resilience and reliability are two of the fundamental characteristics of REO components. To provide the necessary outdoor protection against pantograph abrasion, brake dust, metal abrasion, snow and ice, our components are silicone coated in addition to impregnation. This provides manufacturers with the ability to expose the components to unfiltered cooling air enclosed (IP20). This is a great advantage with regard to the flexibility of the web constructions.

REO uses this insulation system for contamination levels PD3A and above. The silicone coating is applied by means of a dip coating process, which requires special precautions in handling. Therefore, REO carries out this procedure only under the strict consideration of the necessary safety measures, so that the impact on both man and nature is reduced to a minimum.

REO offers the silicone coating as REO Extreme or REO Mix and Match. Please contact us. We will be happy to advise you on the optimal use of the coating that is right for you.


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