REO braking resistors for a wide range of requirements

Cross-industry use thanks to versatile safety features

The requirement profiles for REO braking resistors are as varied as our customers themselves. Often, our braking resistors have to be used in close proximity to other components, some of which are temperature-sensitive, or generally installed in confined and poorly ventilated areas. For these cases, REO offers series that provide better heat dissipation and a better pulse load compared to air-cooled products by filling them with heat transfer media. In addition to optimum temperature management, operational reliability is a high priority for compact installation. Therefore, our braking resistors are short-circuit proof, self-extinguishing and overload-proof under short-time load.

The combination of REO-typical properties enables use in a wide range of industries, from wind power technology to railway technology to automotive technology.
Resistors REOHM series D 330

Braking resistors by REO


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