REO UK becomes member of Rail Forum East Midlands

We have recently become a member of the Rail Forum East Midlands (RFEM), an organisation that operates as a source of knowledge and a voice for the rail industry. REO UK’s membership represents the company’s increased focus on helping businesses tackle electrical interference problems in the sector.

The RFEM provides a platform for rail businesses in the Midlands to develop. The organisation brings together businesses in the region with national and regional governments to grow exports and encourage innovation.

The forum hosts several events throughout the year that are designed to share information between its members and form partnerships. Current members of the RFEM include ABB, Alstom Transportation, Bombardier and Hitachi Rail Europe.

We have provided power quality equipment, such as AC-EMC chokes on trains and transformers for signalling systems, to the rail sector for more than five decades. The company’s membership of the forum follows the launch of its train power magnetics service last year, which works with businesses to improve the life expectancy of railway components through ongoing maintenance, replacement and testing.

“We are currently seeing a growing investment in the UK rail industry,” explained Steve Hughes, managing director of REO UK. “Projects such as High Speed Two and the ongoing electrification of railways across the country are highlighting a growing need for power quality equipment in the sector. Joining the RFEM allows us to share our insight into the electrical challenges the industry is set to face and work with rail businesses to overcome them.

“For example, a stable electrical supply that is free from electromagnetic interference (EMI) is critical in ensuring trains run safely. EMI not only damages the physical components of the trains, but also interferes with communications equipment and electronic devices. Fortunately, locomotive manufacturers can eliminate this by using an effective air choke, such as REO’s type NTT air chokes for railed vehicles.

“By sharing such knowledge about power quality with rail businesses in the RFEM, we can ensure that the next phase of railway development is safe and reliable.”

Sophia Blakey, membership and communications co-ordinator of RFEM, stated, “The RFEM team would like to welcome REO UK to the Rail Forum community. We look forward to working together to showcase and promote REO’s capabilities in the UK and beyond, and provide support in forging relationships within the rail industry.”

For more information on the RFEM and its events, visit the organisation’s website or call +44 (0) 1332 593 550. To learn more about the power quality equipment for the rail sector offered by REO UK, contact the company on +44 (0) 1588 673 411.


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