Stormy skies and sunny shows

Yesterday the REO team, made up of Michelle, Steve and Tim, got up bright and early and set up shop at Southern Manufacturing. And although we were bright, the weather was… well quite the opposite.

The show got off to a great start, and for the first few hours, people were queuing to get in. We’ve seen some decent footfall and early estimations confirmed that this year’s show is expecting 20 per cent more visitors than the previous one. However, gale and thunder swept through the exhibition centre and threatened to tear the roof away! It was so scary that, at one point, Tim suggested we hide under the desk and wait for the whole thing to go away. But, in the interest of good old health and safety, we all had to abandon our stands and carefully crafted goody bags and leave after lunch.

Today is the second day of the event and, much to our delight, the sun has emerged victorious and everything looks a lot brighter. So we’ve all resumed our activities and now the entire team is on stand J49.

If you were thinking about paying us a visit, we’d be very happy to speak to you about our solutions for both simple and demanding applications in the field of the converter and drive technology.

Furthermore, if you are a manufacturer, we can demonstrate how using high current line reactors can give you considerable energy savings, increase motor life and reduce Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) problems.

The whole team on J49 will also be able to advise on how to make the most of your cabling and ultimately cut costs. Long term return on investment can be achieved despite the high amount of regulatory complexity and financial pressure under which industry operate.

If you are working in a high cost of downtime sectors such as pharmaceuticals or paper and pulp, you know that any motor malfunction can translate to millions in lost profit. Looking after the bearings in your motor, by improving power quality, increases its lifespan and reduces maintenance-related downtime. So, pop by and talk to Steve, he’s our power quality expert and bearing enthusiast!

Throughout the day we’ll be tweeting and posting live Facebook updates, so make sure you follow us @REO_UK and like our Facebook page.


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