Sunny future for green energy

We have used the sun for drying clothes and growing food for thousands of years but only recently have we harnessed its power. With a focus on alternative and renewable energy increasing globally, REO (UK) Ltd has launched a solar transformer that allows this power to be fed back onto the public supply network.

The transformers have separated primary and secondary windings with an earthed screen between them. Not only does this isolate the solar installation from the supply network but it also eliminates grid-related disturbances from reaching the solar generator. In conjunction with an AC inverter, the transformer efficiently converts the trickles of energy received from the sun (direct current) to a voltage that can be fed onto the public supply network.

By using special, electrical-grade steel for the toroidal core, high efficiency is maintained even when the generated power (dull days) is a lot less than rated power. Furthermore, the resulting component is compact and easy to connect in the circuit. All construction materials are UL listed.

John Symonds from REO explained, “These transformers are encapsulated which provides protection to IP65, allowing the transformers to be used without an additional enclosure in damp and dusty conditions and will also tolerate vibration”


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