With 1 and 0 to 30-year-lifespan

With simulations and measurements to a durable product

How modern computer technology makes REO products last longer
With the help of the latest computer technology, it is possible in our development departments to simulate the entire range of requirements for our components in advance. This technology not only saves development time, material and budget, but also increases the safety of the products. It is hardly possible to test peak loads, heat conduction, heat radiation and extreme parameters to the extent that modern simulation allows. However, modern engineering programs can also be used to calculate the service life of screws and weld seams or investigate the effects of cyclic loads. This significantly increases the quality of our products.

From simulation to production
The practical use of our components shows us that these simulations are important and necessary. REO products are used worldwide and in some cases every day under the toughest conditions.

To ensure that the finished product can withstand the simulated conditions, we set the highest standards and requirements for the quality of the manufacture of our products. The life cycle costs, which are a reason for purchase for many of our customers, are comparatively low thanks to the high quality of the components used and the associated shorter maintenance intervals. As a result, REO customers benefit from an efficient product with low service costs over the entire service life.

Measurements confirm and guarantee compliance with the requirements
State-of-the-art measurement technology is used in production to check whether the product meets the required values calculated in the simulation. These include shock and vibration tests, salt spray tests, cold and heat tests and tests for water tightness or fire protection. Consequently, REO products only leave our premises with the highest level of quality and performance. In this way, we ensure the consistent quality of all products, components and complete solutions and stand for what has always distinguished REO: high quality and robust, low-maintenance products. With a clear conscience, we can assume a long service life of more than 30 years in some cases thanks to these tests and controls.

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