Improving power quality for food processing

Power quality specialist REO UK has been shortlisted for the Continuous Improvement award in this year’s Food Processing awards. The company was nominated for its REOTRON SMP, a liquid-cooled switch mode power supply for laser perforation applications in the food and beverage industry. The awards take place on October 19, 2016, at the Malmaison in Birmingham.

The awards, which are held annually, highlight achievements and developments in numerous parts of the food processing sector, including hygiene products and packaging designs. The Continuous Improvement award is for products and projects that demonstrate innovation and are at the forefront of advancing a particular field.

REO’s REOTRON SMP is designed to address the power quality issues caused by conventional power supplies for laser micro perforation applications, while also having a reduced product footprint and improving overall efficiency due to its water-cooled design.  The design of the product allows plant managers to connect existing liquid-cooling systems, which are frequently used for laser applications, to the REOTRON for a compact solution.

“Traditional power supplies are not suited for the high frequency capacitive electrical loads that laser perforation applications require,” explained Steve Hughes, managing director of REO UK. “This leads to a range of power quality issues such as voltage fluctuations, which result in a dip in laser performance and process quality.

“The REOTRON uses special control algorithms to handle capacitive loads effectively, keeping voltage stable and lasers accurate. This is an innovative method of tackling one of the biggest problems faced in the food and beverage industry. Laser perforation was a revolutionary development in food packaging technology, the benefits of which include the improved shelf life of perishable goods due to airflow and moisture control.”

REO UK is a manufacturer of electrical products and components for a range of industries and has been serving the food processing sector for over twenty years. The company designs innovative products that address key electrical issues, such as voltage fluctuations, electromagnetic interference and harmonic distortion.

Winners of the Food Processing Awards 2016 will be announced at the event on October 19, 2016. The event will be preceded by Appetite for Engineering, an event designed to address the engineering skills gap by inspiring young people to consider the various engineering practices, at the Edgbaston Stadium, Birmingham.


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