Liquid-cooled REO components


In areas of application with high ambient temperatures or insufficient supply of air, air-cooled electrical components quickly reach their load limit. Disruptions, loss of performance or even the failure of entire systems are the result. The problem is exacerbated by the repeatedly required compact dimensions, which do not allow sufficient surface and thus cooling sizes.

In order to be able to use high-performance components in all, even the most adverse and demanding environments, REO offers a wide product portfolio of water-cooled inductive and water-cooled ohmic components. The water cooling enables up to 70% smaller components and guarantees the best possible cooling regardless of the ambient temperature, high efficiency and extremely quiet operation. Because the use of additional fans can be largely dispensed with.

A positive side effect: the housing overtemperature is low and can even be below the ambient temperature. This protects against contact and nearby components are not affected by waste heat. Water-cooled components from REO are therefore also suitable for applications in the wood and textile industries or in explosion-proof environments.

The water cooling not only enables an enormous cooling performance and thus an optimal temperature behaviour of the component, it also promotes the performance and ensures a longer service life of the components. This compensates for the higher acquisition costs.



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