New high current variable test power supplies

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The test engineering division of REO has developed the REOLAB 220, a range of three-phase high current, low voltage AC variable power supplies for test laboratories. The units can supply voltages of up to 10 V and currents up to 10kA (10,000 Amps), but this can be tailored to meet customer requirements. REO UK is providing the REOLAB 220 units to test and quality assurance laboratories in the UK.

High current, low voltage power supplies find their way into test laboratories for several reasons, and the REOLAB 220 boasts several benefits. The unit can rapidly regulate voltage variations and the current set-points can be adjusted either manually or automatically, with a clean, sinusoidal output current throughout the adjustment range.

High current AC is often using to test fuses, cables, terminals, and other connections, where testing at the rated current and voltage is difficult or not required. Stepping the voltage down allows the current to increase for a given power, providing greater flexibility in where the tests can be carried out. Safety is ensured as the test voltage is usually below 50 V and is isolated from the mains due to the use of a step-down isolation transformer.

“The testing of fuses for quality assurance often requires the fuses to be ran at a given current with deviation within acceptable limits,” says Steve Hughes, Managing Director of REO UK. “However, with fixed power supply, fluctuations can occur due to temperature, load regulation, and input voltage.

“Unless the current is automatically adjusted to compensate for these fluctuations, it can mean that lengthy burn-in or soak tests may need to be repeated. The REOLAB 220 is able to help test labs to avoid this. REO’s range of products can be driven to a setpoint or required output, often using a potentiometer or even over a Fieldbus, and will regulate about that setting regardless of changing load or input conditions.”

REO UK can provide the barebones system or provide a complete turnkey package for integration into a quality assurance system. The range is also not limited to high current AC. High voltages up to 8 kV can also be provided with a maximum power limit of 1 MV or 800 kW for DC systems.

Electrical test engineers interested in the REOLAB 220 can call +44 (0) 1588 673411 or visit the REO website for more information.


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