Toroidal Transformers

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Toroidal Core Transformer Rft-vv

Fully sealed toroidal fixed transformer


All the advantages of the toroidal fixed transformer are combined in fully sealed toroidal fixed transformers in a special plastic housing. The shape of the housing is perfectly adapted to the application. The plastic housing offers optimal mechanical protection against humidity and dust and also offers better thermal conductivity which results in an increased power density.
The mounting is carried out by means of a central screw and thus, allows for a short set-up time.


  • Fully sealed in the plastic housing
  • The high degree of efficiency
  • Very low no-load losses
  • No humming
  • Low voltage drop
  • Protection class IP 54 (for the fully sealed housing)
  • Low magnetic stray field
  • Optimal mechanical protection
  • Protection against humidity and dust
  • Even heat distribution
  • Connects with wires, strands or clamps according to VBG 4
  • Standards: EN 61558; EN 60601

*Special voltages and higher powers on request


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