Toroidal Transformers

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Toroidal Fixed Transformer Rft-o

The toroidal fixed transformer in open design as a mains, auto, safety or isolation transformer


Toroidal fixed transformers have significant advantages over conventional transformers: their construction results in up to 50% less volume and low weight. Since the ring cores have almost no air gap, only a very low magnetic stray field is produced and the transformers are almost hum-free. The change in secondary voltage between idling and full load is much smaller than with transformers with a nested core.


  • Adaptation of mains voltage to different output voltages
  • No humming
  • Low magnetic stray field
  • Low voltage drop
  • Minimum overall weight
  • Small dimensions
  • Connection with free wire or stranded wires
  • Mounting set available as an accessory
  • Standards: EN 61558; EN 60601

*Special voltages and higher powers on request


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