A look back with REO – and looking forward to 2023

REO wishes a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

The year 2022 is drawing to a close. The time begins again in which we look back on the year old and are open for the many new things in 2023. For REO, 2022 marks the end of the year of trade fairs. With our appearances at InnoTrans and SPS, after the long Corona break, we have finally found the opportunity to talk directly with our customers and the numerous interested trade visitors. Even though the planning was more difficult than in the years before Corona due to the uncertain number of visitors in advance, we did not do anything by halves in terms of design, equipment and our presence at the fair. The commitment paid off in any case: New contacts were made, old contacts revived and ideas and concepts emerged that are only possible in this form in a direct exchange of ideas. Therefore, we will be represented with REO at the SPS in 2023 as well and look forward to meeting you there.

In addition to the national trade fairs in Germany, one of the biggest topics in 2022 was the bundling of international marketing activities. Through newly created working groups and globally oriented communication, we were able to successfully integrate the standards that we have developed in Germany in recent years into our foreign branches. In addition to a uniform web presence, the focus of the activity was on the consistent communication of our expertise in the field of electric drive concepts. Because one thing has also become clear in 2022: The electrification of products or even entire industries is omnipresent. With almost 100 years of experience in the construction of inductive, resistive and electronic components, we have once again been able to set important impulses. Some of our projects have a great influence on the infrastructure of the country or the respective branch of industry. The largest projects are in the field of railway components. These have to meet the highest requirements for safety, durability and protection in the most adverse environments. REO 2022 has newly combined and bundled components specially designed for these applications under the title “Heavy Duty”. Please have a look at our new complete catalogue: To the catalogue

Against the background of safety and reliability, demand for REO medical products remained at a high level in 2022. Even though the Corona pandemic has increasingly disappeared from the media due to new international crises, our medical products still have to provide important services in intensive care units around the world every day.

But before we start into the new year 2023, let’s use the Christmas season together to take time out in the company of our loved ones and recharge our batteries.


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